Welcome to The Castle Partnership Trust

The Castle Partnership Trust has been established since 2014 with the purpose of achieving academic excellence across the Trust.

Our aim for every child to achieve, belong and participate is at the heart of everything we do. The Trust comprises of two secondary schools and a growing number of primary schools. We are a local Trust with an absolute commitment to our local area and an ambition to serve all the children and families in our communities.

To do this we have partnerships with all our local schools regardless of whether they are in the Trust or not, seeking to ensure that every child achieves exceptionally, has a strong sense of belonging and of their own intrinsic worth and value, and for every child to participate in learning, a wealth of enrichment and in the community, local, national and global. This is what drives us; an ambition for all children and to engineer social change for the better through powerfully addressing disadvantage in all its forms through education.

Sarah Watson