We work collaboratively together as a group of school to support and enrich each other’s curriculum and pedagogy. We recognise the uniqueness of our schools and local context so whilst we share the ambition and aims of the curriculum, we trust our school leaders and subject leaders to select the best curriculum for their students.

In our collaboration, we have mapped and planned the curriculum 0-19 so that we know where the key topics are covered and when the powerful knowledge that we have agreed upon is being taught. This is supported by richly resourced Schemes of Learning that have been thoroughly discussed and critiqued in our Trust Subject Groups. This means that teachers have a wealth of resource, both in curriculum plans, teaching materials and in support and expertise available.

We believe that teaching is a creative process and that teachers are the best people to plan the learning for the children in front of them. By investing in professional development, equipping teachers with high quality resources, and encouraging them to choose the best resources and the best methodology for their students, we ensure that every child will enjoy learning and make excellent progress.


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