Trust Groups

We have six Trust groups who lead developments across the trust in each area, bringing together practice from schools, concerns, ideas and solutions. They bring ideas and energy to the Trust, ensuring that our focus is always on what makes a difference for children rather than the trust becoming an entity with itself as the purpose. At the same time, we are not prescriptive; teaching is a creative art and teachers plan for the children in front of them, and each school has a curriculum that is right for its children, community and context, although there are underlying principles that are the golden threads of our education.

  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum
  • Pastoral
  • Disadvantaged
  • SEND

Pedagogy Group

This group plans professional development, sharing expertise and training, allowing far greater depth of thinking, development of powerful resources that reduce workload, and stimulating ideas and creativity. We are not prescriptive or have lesson proformas, believing that teaching is a creative profession that needs to respond to individual needs of each child. However, we share resources and planning so that we reduce workload for teachers and have the best curriculum we can provide. Working together means that teachers can dig deep into their subjects and come up with exceptional programmes of study and well resourced, engaging lessons.

Curriculum Group

Curriculum leaders meet and debate current practice and share ideas and solutions. We do not have one curriculum across the Trust, allowing schools to reflect the local need and interests, but the Curriculum Leaders across the Trust have time to develop their thinking, support each other, as well as challenge assumptions. A shared expertise means we are developing an engaging and challenging curriculum in every school that stimulates and deepens knowledge. Discussion is currently focused on how to assess meaningfully, and sequencing the curriculum across all key stages so there is progression and children learn deeply, securing knowledge and literacy.

Pastoral Group

This is the longest established group. It began with the DSLs meeting regularly with the Trust Safeguarding Lead. Safeguarding leads visit each school and review practices and share their expertise and knowledge. There is a consistency and agreed policies and practice across the Trust in this vital area. The Safeguarding Lead for the Trust also provides supervision for all members of the safeguarding teams to ensure that we look after our staff engaged in keeping our children safe.

Disadvantaged Group

The leads in each school meet every half term to look at current research, to identify effective practice and consider strategies that will have the greatest impact on our children who are disadvantaged. The group commissions work and support, deploys resources and influences strategy at a high level, ensuring that the Trust does all it can to achieve social justice and to powerfully address disadvantage.

SEND Group

The Trust SENDCo leads this group and the SENDCos in each school have an exceptional level of support. Not only does the group work together to ensure their professional knowledge and practice is expert and up to date, but they also look strategically across the Trust and commission and deploy resources to ensure that all children with SEND achieve exceptionally, have a sense of belonging and intrinsic value, and participate in all aspects of school life and beyond.

The Central Team

The central team supports schools in all aspects of business. At the same time, we believe that every school and every headteacher needs a business manager working with them to ensure that the business side of every school runs smoothly and serves the education of the children. Unlike many trusts, we are also very clear that we keep the central team lean and effective and that resources should go into schools to reduce class size whenever possible. Our efficiencies and savings from working together and buying collectively is always with the intention of ploughing money back into class size and teacher recruitment. In addition to the central team, there are a number of services, subscriptions and products that we buy collectively, and which means that schools save money.

Central Team

CEOSarah Watson
Trust Business ManagerAlison Crudgington
Finance ManagerSally Taylor
HR ManagerGavin Duenas
Premises ManagerBrendan Slade
IT ManagerMatt Norman
Governance Professional and Company SecretaryJulie Gregory
Trust Marketing & Branding ManagerSharon Fry
SEND LeadClair Owen
SEMH LeadSarah Sherring


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